Introduction Programs

Emphasizing on personal attention, The Knowledge Bus Global Pre-School strives to develop an endearing bond with children. The individual learning system will channelize the capabilities of children, enabling them to learn by exploring, observing and identifying things. Quality education sets the standards for a child’s complete growth and stimulates early brain development. The curriculum at The Knowledge Bus Global Pre-School will encourage children to develop love for learning, interactive skills and motor skills. Every activity in the curriculum exhibits balanced approach towards dispensing education with fun.

(18 months - 2 yrs)

At this level, The Knowledge Bus Global Pre-School aims to develop sensory skills of the children & boosting self-confidence. Activities and games are a part of the curriculum, creating opportunities to grow mentally as well as physically.

(2 - 2.5 yrs)

At this level, the facilitators will endeavor to focus on nurturing children in a disciplined environment through activities that help them in developing brain power. The Knowledge Bus Global Pre-School pledges to boost their communication skills and prepare them for a better understanding.

MOVERS (2.5-3 yrs)

Here the facilitators focus on the growth in confidence of the children, their public speaking in coordination with the recognition and sequencing of Alphabets and Numbers. Rhymes, storytelling and pre-number concepts with pre-writing skills add to the learning dimension. We also make our children well aware about their environment with various activities and celebrations.

Nursery (3-4 yrs)

To meet the developmental needs of this age group, the curriculum incorporates learning activities to develop logical and sequential thinking, communication skills, pre-number with pre-writing skills, appreciation of creative arts and confidence building. Actions, expressions and friendly atmosphere at The Knowledge Bus Global Pre-School will enable children to develop efficiently.

Kinder Garten (4-5 yrs)

The educators associated with The Knowledge Bus Global Pre-School will ascertain that children should learn advanced activities, word making, initial mathematics and environmental sciences. Along with identification of words, every child is taught to master early writing skills for a complete development.

Day Care (2-10 yrs)

The Knowledge Bus Global Pre-School concept offers an exceptional suite of facilities and services designed to make the day care experience, convenient and hassle-free for working parents and appropriate learning for the children. A special feature of The Knowledge Bus Global Pre-School includes daily information about the child’s activities in school during the day which includes meal timings, food eaten, nap timings, if any medication given and any special observation about the child’s day.